Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the questions we receive the most.  If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to ask us by calling 1 855 268 8086, or by using the Contact Form.

Where does Abe's Ole Feedhouse get its seafood?

We purchase our seafood exclusively from suppliers who have worked with us for many years and have earned our trust. Some of our selections come from very far away, but we try to mainly offer local and domestic menu selections.

How do you store your  seafood?
We take care to keep our seafood fresh and properly refrigerated to preserve its optimum taste.

Why do you change your menu so often?
Good seafood is a seasonal dish. We gear our dishes toward the current season. Check out the What's in Season page to learn more about what types of seafood  is in season and when your favorites will be on the menu again.